Charting the Territories presents: The 1971-1973 LeRoy McGuirk Oklahoma/Louisiana Wrestling Almanac

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The 1971-1973 LeRoy McGuirk Oklahoma/Louisiana Wrestling Almanac is a unique and comprehensive look at a 3-year period of time in the life of a wrestling territory.

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This 230-page book features the most complete listing of house shows ever put together. It contains information on 2,499 house shows promoted in the territory during the 3-year period. It also contains a complete listing of all the wrestlers who competed in the territory on a regular basis during those three years. The wrestlers are separated into four categories using our unique SPOT Rating statistic that measures their average position on the card (Main Eventers, Upper Mid-Carders, Mid-Carders, and Preliminary Wrestlers). It also shows you exactly which months they were in the territory, if they were a babyface or a heel (and if that changed during their time here), how frequently they were booked, and what their biggest feuds were.

It also contains a Roll Call of Champions, a map of the territory, results from some of the key cities, detailed results from the biggest feuds each year, month-by-month house show calendars, pictures of all of the regular members of the roster, and some action photos. It's a virtual treasure trove of information presented in a way that has never been done before. It's truly the ideal 'reference manual' for fans of professional wrestling's territorial era.

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