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Charting the Territories Oct '22: Everything Zen(da) and a Boobie Hi Ball

On the latest episode of the Charting the Territories podcast, Al Getz and Jon Boucher cover the 4th quarter of 1966 in LeRoy McGuirk's wrestling territory. They discuss one wrestler who tried to launch a career in country music, and another who had a prolific post-wrestling career in the hot rod industry and was also killed (onscreen) by Michael Myers.

A Special Look at Florida in October 1972

With Vice TV’s Tales From The Territories airing on episode on Championship Wrestling from Florida this week, I decided to use the statistics I’ve created (which analyze wrestling in the territorial era) to take a look at what was going on in Florida in October 1972, 50 years ago.

Charting the Territories presents: The 1971-1973 LeRoy McGuirk Oklahoma/Louisiana Wrestling Almanac

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