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Charting the Territories May '22: Young Frank and Get The "L" Out

On the latest episode of Charting the Territories, Al Getz and Jon Boucher look at the 2nd quarter of 1974 in Leroy McGuirk's wrestling territory. They discuss the early life of Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody) and reveal some information about the life of Bulldog Drummer (aka Count Drummer) that has never been part of wrestling's "historical record" until now. Plus tons more!

Stats 101: Bob Backlund in Amarillo, 1974

This month on Stats 101, we will look at Bob Backlund's 1974 run in the Amarillo territory using the statistics we have developed to measure a wrestlers' role in the territorial era. Backlund was still a rookie when he went to Amarillo in early 1974 to wrestle for the Funks. In his first week there, he beat Terry Funk to win the Western States Heavyweight title. It might seem like Backlund was in for a big push. The reality, however, was slightly different.

McGuirk Wrestling Territory: Q2 1974

In the 2nd quarter of 1974, Buck and Bull are pushed, Rip and Bob turn babyface, Akbar feuds with Hussian, a rookie named Frank debuts, & more!