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Year-End Rankings

 Updated on 8/9/21 with rankings for 1964!

The McGuirk/Watts Wrestling Almanac - Chapter 13 (Q4 1962)

Welcome to Chapter 13 of The McGuirk/Watts Wrestling Almanac, an in-depth data-driven look at the wrestling territory run by Leroy McGuirk (and later, Bill Watts). The territory is most commonly known as Tri-State Wrestling and/or Mid-South Wrestling, though neither of those names were actually used until September 1979 when Watts split from McGuirk.

McGuirk Wrestling Territory: Q4 1972

 n the 4th quarter of 1972, Doctor X turns babyface and feuds with Bob Sweetan, Jim Valiant turns heel, Mike George debuts in the territory, “America’s youngest professional wrestler” makes his pro debut & more!