McGuirk Wrestling Territory: 1972 Jan-Jun Recap

Now that we're halfway through the year, I wanted to take a look back at the first 6 months of the McGuirk wrestling territory in 1972.

I looked at the SPOT Ratings on a week-to-week basis for the full time wrestlers in the territory to put together a list of the top stars for the first six months. As a reminder, SPOT Rating stands for Statistical Position Over Time. SPOT is a numerical representation of a wrestlers' average position (or spot) on the cards and is expressed as a number between .00 and 1.00.
A wrestler with a SPOT Rating of .80 and above is considered a Main Eventer, between .60 and .80 is an Upper Mid-Carder, between .40 and .60 is a Mid-Carder, and .40 and below is a Preliminary Wrestler. Furthermore, there is an additional 'unofficial' category of a .90 and above; we'll call that a Top Draw.

Here are all the regulars who were Top Draws, Main Eventers, or Upper Mid-Carders at some point in the first 6 months of 1972. I used their highest weekly SPOT Rating to put together this list.

Babyfaces: Bill Watts, Danny Hodge, Grizzly Smith, Ivan Putski, Ken Mantell, Tom Jones
Heels: Bob Sweetan, Bobby Hart, Boris Malenko, Dale Lewis (started in February as a babyface; turned heel in late March), Doctor X, Lorenzo Parente, the Stomper, Terry Garvin

Babyfaces: Billy Red Lyons, the Pascagoula Plowboy, Ramon Torres, Vic Muehler (was a heel for one week in Jan)
Heels: Eric the Red, the Great Mephisto

Babyfaces: Bob Boyer, Johnny Eagles, Terry Lathan
Heels: Alex Perez, Chuck Karbo, Don Duffy, Guillotine Gordon

The following chart shows the weekly SPOT Ratings for the above wrestlers. They are sorted by average weekly SPOT Rating from highest to lowest. SPOT Ratings for babyfaces are shaded in blue, heels in orange. The higher the SPOT, the darker the shading. This allows you to see how they moved up or down the cards over time. It should be noted that I added some events to my database since the beginning of the year; as such, some of the weekly SPOT Ratings here don't match up with ones previously published.

Bill Watts.
Boris Malenko.95.94
Doctor X.
Tom Jones.
Ivan Putski.
Grizzly Smith.
Danny Hodge.
Lorenzo Parente.
Bobby Hart.
Pascagoula Plowboy.
Terry Garvin.
Great Mephisto.
Billy Red Lyons.
Dale Lewis.
Bob Sweetan.
Ramon Torres.
Ken Mantell.
Vic Muehler.
Eric the Red.
Chuck Karbo.
Guillotine Gordon.
Johnny Eagles.
Bob Boyer.
Don Duffy.
Terry Lathan.
Alex Perez.

In addition to SPOT Ratings, the other statistic we use is called a FEUD Score. FEUD stands for Frequent Encounters Using Data and measures the "intensity" of a feud, taking into account the number of times a specific matchup happens and the breadth of when those matches occur. As a general rule of thumb, a FEUD Score of 25 and above indicates a "feud" while a Score of 40 and above indicates a "major feud". The following chart looks at the top feuds of the first six months of 1980, including all feuds with a FEUD Score of 25 or above for at least three weeks. They are sorted by the peak weekly FEUD Score, with darker shading for higher Scores.

Great Mephisto vs Vic Muehler203548504323
Danny Hodge vs Doctor X212434344141453727
Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente vs Ivan Putski & Ken Mantell2735382616171717
Bill Watts vs Dale Lewis1525333633272423252117
Billy Red Lyons & Tom Jones vs Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente19293631302630221823303624

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