Tri-State Wrestling: Week of 2/4/80-2/10/80

For the week ending February 10th, 1980: the semi-finals of the Junior Heavyweight title tournament, the future Glamour Girls come to the area & more!

Here's a look at the talent roster along with SPOT ratings and FEUD scores for the week.

Women wrestlers Judy Martin, Kandi Malloy, Leilani Kai and Vivian St John started a two-week run in the territory this week. They usually worked tag team bouts, with Martin & Kai teaming up against Malloy & St John. For reference purposes, their SPOT Ratings would put them in the Upper Mid-Cards, just above Herb Calvert.

There were no newcomers this week, and nobody left the territory either. Technically, David Von Erich doesn't seem to have had any bouts in the territory this week but has enough matches in the weeks before and after to be included in the SPOT Ratings chart.

Bruce Reed continues to feud with Steve Lawler, with their FEUD Score increasing to a 26 this week. Brian Blair and Ron Starr also face off regularly, including main events in Fort Smith and Stillwell.

After several months of sporadic "elimination matches" as part of a tournament to crown a new Junior Heavyweight champion for the promotion, the semi-finals took place this week in Tulsa, with Ron Starr beating Tommy Gilbert and Les Thornton defeating Brian Blair. Starr and Thornton will meet next week in Tulsa in the finals of the tournament. Siegfried Stanke & Steve Lawler (managed by Scandor Akbar) are still the US Tag Team champs.


Known house shows for the week:

Monday - Tulsa, OK
-Junior Heavyweight tournament semi-finals: Ron Starr vs Tommy Gilbert and Brian Blair vs Les Thornton
-Judy Martin & Leilani Kai vs Kandi Malloy & Vivian St John
-Bruce Reed & Herb Calvert vs Siegfried Stanke & Steve Lawler
-Ken Wayne vs Scorpion

Tuesday - Fort Smith, AR
-Brian Blair vs Ron Starr
-US Tag Team titles: Bruce Reed & Herb Calvert vs Siegfried Stanke & Steve Lawler
-Judy Martin & Leilani Kai vs Kandi Malloy & Vivian St John
-Don Bass vs Tommy Gilbert

Wednesday - Springfield, MO
-Bruce Reed vs Steve Lawler (Scandor Akbar barred from ringside)
-Judy Martin & Leilani Kai vs Kandi Malloy & Vivian St John
-Herb Calvert & Tommy Gilbert vs Ron Starr & Siegfried Stanke
-Brian Blair vs Gene Lewis

Friday - Oklahoma City, OK (source:
-Les Thornton vs Spoiler
-Bruce Reed vs Steve Lawler
-Herb Calvert vs Siegfried Stanke
-Leilani Kai vs Vivian St John
-Bill Irwin vs Ron Starr
-Gene Lewis vs Tommy Gilbert

Saturday - Stillwell, OK
-Brian Blair vs Ron Starr
-Herb Calvert & Vivian St John vs Judy Martin & Scorpion
-Don Bass vs Ken Wayne
-Prelims: Calvert vs Scorpion and St John vs Martin

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