Mid-South Wrestling: Week of 1/7/80-1/13/80

For the week ending January 13th, 1980: JYD and the Freebirds continue to feud, Ted DiBiase moves up the cards feuding with Ox Baker, Biloxi experiences a "Wildfire" & more!

Here's a look at the talent roster along with SPOT ratings and FEUD scores for the week.

Other wrestlers advertised for shows this week but not listed in the SPOT ratings: Tommy Rich, El Diablo and Tom Price. Rich was in Georgia at the time, and actually worked the TV tapings at TBS Studios on Saturday morning and then worked Biloxi. The Biloxi shows sometimes had wrestlers from Georgia and Southeastern along with the Mid-South crew.

The one newcomer this week was Ben Alexander, who came in from Southern California.

Gino Hernandez, who had been working here and in Houston for Paul Boesch, left the territory. He continues to work the Houston shows and in February starts in the rest of the East Texas territory.


Known house show lineups for the week:

Wednesday - Jackson, MS
-Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Mike George vs Ted DiBiase
-Bob Sweetan vs Ricky Fields
-Bull Ramos vs Charlie Cook
-Ben Alexander vs Iron Mike Sharpe
-Chris Curtis vs Ox Baker

Thursday - Greenville, MS
-Texas Death match: Iron Mike Sharpe vs Mike George
-Special challenge: Ernie Ladd vs Junkyard Dog
-King Cobra & Ricky Fields vs Mike Blood & Mike Bowyer
-Sonny Driver vs Steve Hall

Thursday - Lafayette, LA
-Mid-South Tag Team titles: Bill Watts & Buck Robley vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Bob Sweetan vs Charlie Cook
-Ox Baker vs Ted DiBiase
-Bull Ramos vs Chris Curtis
-Ben Alexander vs Mark Totten

Friday - Shreveport, LA
-Iron Mike Sharpe vs Ox Baker
-Ernie Ladd vs Junkyard Dog
*these come from the results printed the day after the show in the newspaper; it appears that the ad in the paper prior to the show actually listed the following week's card.

Saturday - Biloxi, MS
-North American title, no disqualification: Mike George vs Tommy Rich
-Special challenge: Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Ernie Ladd vs Iron Mike Sharpe
-Ox Baker vs Ted DiBiase
-Bull Ramos vs Charlie Cook
-Igor Putski vs Sonny Driver

Saturday - Slidell, LA (source: wrestlingdata.com)
-Bill Watts vs Bob Sweetan
-King Cobra & Ricky Fields vs Mike Bowyer & Tank Patton
-Ben Alexander vs Mike Blood
-Chris Curtis vs Steve Hall

Sunday - Monroe, LA
-Louisiana title: Ernie Ladd vs Iron Mike Sharpe
-Special challenge: Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Ox Baker vs Ted DiBiase
-Mike George vs Tom Price
-Bull Ramos vs Igor Putski
-El Diablo vs King Cobra
-plus a battle royal

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