McGuirk Wrestling Territory: Week of 12/22-12/28 1975

For the week ending December 28th, 1975: Murdoch and Matsuda return, a Lights out Arabian Death match between Hodge and Akbar, Slaughter moves to the upper mid-card & more!

Here's a look at the talent roster along with SPOT ratings and FEUD scores for the week.

Other wrestlers advertised for shows this week but not listed in the SPOT ratings: Freddy Platte and Ken Mantell. Mantell worked a few shows here over the holidays; he had been on tour with All Japan and would go to Georgia in January.

Dick Murdoch and Hiro Matsuda return to the territory this week. Both had been in Japan on the same tour as Ken Mantell. In the case of Murdoch, I believe the storyline here was that he had been injured by Killer Karl Kox and perhaps other members of Buck Robley's heel stable. With Murdoch back on the cards, Bill Watts takes a couple of weeks off.


Known house show lineups for the week:

Friday - Lafayette, LA
-World Junior Heavyweight title: Hiro Matsuda vs Ken Mantell
-Buck Robley vs Sonny King
-Jack Curtis Jr vs Sonny Rogers
-Igor Putski vs Mike Pappas

Friday - Monroe, LA
-Lights out Arabian death match: Danny Hodge vs Scandor Akbar
-Dick Murdoch vs Killer Karl Kox
-Pork Chop Cash vs Waldo Von Erich
-Greg Valentine vs John Davis
-Denny Alberts vs Jay Clayton

Saturday - Greenwood, MS
-Return grudge bout: Buck Robley vs Sonny King
-Greg Valentine vs Killer Karl Kox
-Denny Alberts vs Jack Curtis Jr

Saturday - Loranger, LA
-Bob Slaughter & Scandor Akbar vs Grizzly Smith & Ken Mantell
-Igor Putski vs Mike Pappas
-Freddy Platte vs John Davis
-plus an eight man battle royal

Saturday - North Little Rock, AR
-World Junior Heavyweight title: Danny Hodge vs Hiro Matsuda
-Pork Chop Cash vs Waldo Von Erich
-Bob Griffin & Ted DiBiase vs Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown
-Jay Clayton vs Sonny Rogers

Sunday - Alexandria, LA
-World Junior Heavyweight title: Danny Hodge vs Hiro Matsuda
-3 out of 5 falls: Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown vs Grizzly Smith & Jay Clayton
-Killer Karl Kox vs Sonny King
-Pork Chop Cash vs Waldo Von Erich
-Greg Valentine vs Sonny Rogers

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