Mid-South Wrestling: Week of 11/15-11/21 1982

For the week ending November 21st, 1982: JYD morphs into Stagger Lee, Gino Hernandez comes in as a semi-regular, Matt Borne moves up the cards & more!

Here's a look at the talent roster along with their SPOT ratings for the week.

Other wrestlers advertised for shows this week but not listed in the ratings:
Bugsy McGraw, Chavo Guerrero, Great Kabuki, King Cobra, Ted Allen, Thomas Tate, Tony Anthony, Leilani Kai (.38) & Princess Victoria (.38)

  • Newcomers this week: Gino Hernandez (in from Southwest)
  • Leaving the territory: Grappler (Lynn Denton; went to Southwest) & Grappler II (Tony Anthony; also went to Southwest)
  • Since Stagger Lee and Junkyard Dog are the same person from a continuity standpoint, I do not consider them as two separate people when it comes to calculating their SPOT rating. So the number for Stagger Lee's "last week" rating was actually that of JYD, and bookings for both personas were used to calculate his rating.

Known house shows for the week:

Tuesday - Shreveport, LA
  • Hacksaw Duggan & Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase vs Mr Wrestling II & Stagger Lee (advertised as a "mystery wrestler") & Tony Atlas
  • Buck Robley vs Kamala
  • Kelly Kiniski vs Mr Olympia
  • Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs Iron Mike Sharpe & Tim Horner
  • Leilani Kai vs Princess Victoria
  • Ted Allen vs Tony Anthony

Wednesday - Jackson, MS
  • North American title: Ted DiBiase vs Tony Atlas
  • Buck Robley vs Hacksaw Duggan
  • Iron Mike Sharpe vs Kamala
  • Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs Mr Olympia & Mr Wrestling II
  • Matt Borne vs Tim Horner
  • Marty Lunde vs Ted Allen

Sunday - Loranger, LA
  • Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs Mr Olympia & Stagger Lee
  • Buck Robley vs Matt Borne
  • Gino Hernandez vs King Cobra
  • Thomas Tate vs Tim Horner

The promotion also ran Oklahoma City, OK on Sunday with a separate crew from the one that worked Loranger. Information on this show can be found on oklafan.comwrestlingdata.com and Mark James' Mid-South/UWF Wrestling Record Book.

Frequent matches:
  • Hacksaw Duggan vs Tony Atlas
  • Mr Wrestling II vs Ted DiBiase
  • Iron Mike Sharpe vs Kamala
  • Ted DiBiase vs Tony Atlas

Frequent tag team combinations:
  • Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu
  • Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase
  • Mr Olympia & Mr Wrestling II

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