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The McGuirk/Watts Wrestling Almanac - Chapter 21 (Q4 1964)

Welcome to Chapter 21 of The McGuirk/Watts Wrestling Almanac, an in-depth data-driven look at the wrestling territory run by Leroy McGuirk (and later, Bill Watts). The territory is most commonly known as Tri-State Wrestling and/or Mid-South Wrestling, though neither of those names were actually used until September 1979 when Watts split from McGuirk.

McGuirk Wrestling Territory: Q3 1977

In the 3rd quarter of 1977, Murdoch breaks bad, the debut of not one but two future husbands of the boss’ daughter, the babyface roster includes a healthy diet of pork chops & candy & ‘oates’, and more! ----- Here is the roster for the quarter. Wrestlers are listed in descending order by their average SPOT Rating during the quarter. Directly below their week-by-week SPOT Ratings is a list of that wrestler's Frequent Partners and Frequent Opponents (if applicable): NEW TO THE TERRITORY THIS QUARTER (wrestlers either making their first-ever appearance as a regular in this territory or appearing in a significantly different role/gimmick than when they were here previously) BRIAN BLAIR – Blair turned pro earlier in the year, wrestling in Florida for a few months after being trained by Hiro Matsuda. He would later marry Mike McGuirk, daughter of Leroy. Blair later served as County Commissioner in Hillsborough County (Florida) and currently serves as the President & CEO of th