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Charting the Territories Podcast Companion Piece - Episode 11

Every month, Jon Boucher and I create a podcast that discusses a wide range of topics related to what is covered on this blog. I thought it would be helpful to create a 'companion piece' that goes along with each episode. We often reference web sites, books, YouTube videos, etc., on the podcast, and this companion piece will provide links to many of those materials so that you can see what Jon & I are discussing.

The McGuirk/Watts Wrestling Almanac - Chapter 17 (Q4 1963)

 Welcome to Chapter 17 of The McGuirk/Watts Wrestling Almanac, an in-depth data-driven look at the wrestling territory run by Leroy McGuirk (and later, Bill Watts). The territory is most commonly known as Tri-State Wrestling and/or Mid-South Wrestling, though neither of those names were actually used until September 1979 when Watts split from McGuirk.

Mid-South Wrestling: Q2 1981

In the 2nd quarter of 1981, a big Superdome card with a tag team title tournament, Ladd “suspended”, Orndorff “oversleeps” & more!