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Mid-South Wrestling: Week of 2/4/80-2/10/80

For the week ending February 10th, 1980: JYD & Robley vs Freebirds continues to be the main feud, Mike George has a bounty out on Ted DiBiase & more!

Here's a look at the talent roster along with SPOT ratings and FEUD scores for the week.

The feud between Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog and The Freebirds continues to heat up, with a FEUD Score of 41 this week (generally speaking, a score above 40 signifies a "major feud"). The two teams squared off this week in Baton Rouge, Loranger and Houma, with the bout in Baton Rouge being a Texas Tornado match.

Chris Curtis left the territory. Chris, real name Chris Multerer, spent the next several years as an enhancement wrestler for the AWA and WWF. In 2014, he self-published a book entitled Job Man: My 25 Years in Professional Wrestling. An expanded edition was released last October and can be found at on Amazon at this link.

Charlie Cook's SPOT Rating nosedives, falling to a .39 this week. He is not being booked regularly and is clearly being de-pushed on his way out of the territory. Cook was instrumental in the initial push of Junkyard Dog last fall when JYD came in as a heel, as the two feuded for several weeks both in singles bouts and tag team matches (with Ayala teaming with Cook and Pork Chop Cash teaming with Dog).

With DiBiase beating Mike George last week to win the North American title, it looks like George has placed a bounty on DiBiase. Bob Sweetan tried to collect it in Baton Rouge, and perhaps some of DiBiase's other bouts this week were "for the bounty" as well.


Known house show lineups for the week:

Monday - New Orleans, LA (source:
-Mike George vs Ted DiBiase
-Iron Mike Sharpe & Paul Orndorff vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Bob Sweetan vs Junkyard Dog
-Ben Alexander vs Bull Ramos
-Frenchy Martin & Tank Patton vs Igor Putski & Ricky Fields

Tuesday - Baton Rouge, LA
-Texas Tornado match: Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Bounty match: Bob Sweetan vs Ted DiBiase
-Paul Orndorff vs Tank Patton
-Iron Mike Sharpe vs Mike Bowyer
-Frenchy Martin vs Ricky Fields
-Ben Alexander vs Bull Ramos

Thursday - Greenville, MS
-Junkyard Dog & Paul Orndorff vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Bob Sweetan vs Ted DiBiase (match must be won by piledriver or figure-four leg lock)
-Iron Mike Sharpe vs Mike George
-Frenchy Martin vs Ricky Fields
-Ben Alexander vs Mike Blood

Friday - Shreveport, LA
-Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy vs Paul Orndorff & Ted DiBiase
-Bob Sweetan vs Junkyard Dog
-Bull Ramos vs Iron Mike Sharpe
-Mike George vs Ricky Fields
-Ben Alexander vs Tank Patton
-Frenchy Martin vs Steve Hall

Saturday - Loranger, LA
-Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-North American title: Tank Patton vs Ted DiBiase
-Mike George vs Ricky Fields
-Ben Alexander & Paul Orndorff vs Bull Ramos & Mike Blood
-Mike Bowyer vs Steve Hall

Sunday - Houma, LA
-Buck Robley & Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
-Iron Mike Sharpe vs Mike George
-Paul Orndorff vs Tank Patton
-Bob Sweetan vs Ricky Fields
-Frenchy Martin vs Steve Hall
-Ben Alexander vs Mike Bowyer


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