McGuirk Wrestling Territory: Week of 12/27/71-1/2/72

For the week ending January 2nd, 1972: We begin our coverage of 1972 with a look at the talent roster and a rundown of the holiday week shows at the end of 1971 featuring Dusty Rhodes & more!

Here's a look at the talent roster along with SPOT ratings and FEUD scores for the week.

Other wrestlers advertised for shows this week but not listed in the SPOT ratings: Buck Robley, Buddy Austin, Chuck Adcock, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Kozak, John Faggerty, Masio Koma, Mr Okuma, Mr Wrestling (Gordon Nelson), Pak Song, The Viking and women wrestlers Barbara Galento and Betty Niccoli.

With many wrestlers taking a break over the holidays, some of the cards featured wrestlers from outside the territory. In Wichita Falls, the card featured mostly wrestlers from Amarillo. In Joplin, wrestlers from Central States were heavily featured. In addition, Dusty Rhodes worked a couple of shows this week in between stints in Japan (for IWE) and the AWA.

The FEUD Scores this week are lower than normal due to the small number of shows held over the holidays. Consider this week to be more of a preface/introduction to the territory; by next week the schedule picks back up and we can get a better look at who is feuding with whom.

Recognized title holders at this time are as follows: North American champion Bill Watts, World Junior Heavyweight champion Doctor X, U.S. Tag Team champions Billy Red Lyons & Tom Jones.


Known house show lineups for the week:

Monday - Shreveport, LA
-Doctor X vs Ivan Putski
-Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente vs Danny Hodge & Grizzly Smith
-Don Duffy vs Johnny Eagles
-Bob Sweetan vs John Gagne
-Gypsy Joe Rosario vs Rick Renaldo

Tuesday - Monroe, LA
-Dusty Rhodes vs Ivan Putski
-Bobby Hart & Doctor X & Lorenzo Parente vs Danny Hodge & Grizzly Smith & Johnny Eagles
-Bob Sweetan vs Rick Renaldo
-Don Duffy vs John Gagne

Wednesday - Jackson, MS
-Doctor X vs Grizzly Smith
-Bob Sweetan vs Ivan Putski
-Danny Hodge vs Dusty Rhodes
-Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente vs Gypsy Joe Rosario & Johnny Eagles
-Don Duffy vs Rick Renaldo
-plus a Wrestle Royal

Thursday - Wichita Falls, TX
-Battle Royal featuring Buck Robley, Danny Hodge, Jerry Kozak, Masio Koma, Mr Okuma, Mr Wrestling and Pak Song
-plus 3 bouts determined by order of elimination

Saturday - Joplin, MO
-Barbara Galento & Red McKim vs Betty Niccoli & Viking
-Chuck Adcock vs John Faggerty
-McKim vs Viking
-Galento vs Niccoli

Sunday - Loranger, LA
-Bob Sweetan & Don Duffy vs Grizzly Smith & Johnny Eagles
-Buddy Austin vs Gypsy Joe Rosario
-plus 2 prelims, likely singles bouts involving the participants from the tag match

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