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Tri-State Wrestling 1967 - Feuds

We continue our look at 1967 by examining the top feuds in the territory for the year. One thing is very clear: the Assassins were busy, busy boys during the year.

Tri-State Wrestling 1967 - Ranking the Towns

We previously ranked all the regular towns for 1966, now let's do the same for 1967 and see if there are any changes (spoiler alert: there are)

Tri-State Wrestling 1967 - Special Attractions

Two former NWA World Heavyweight champions made appearances in the McGuirk territory in 1967, as well as several touring attractions (women & midgets). Here are the details...

Tri-State Wrestling 1967 - Lower Card

Here's a look at some of the wrestlers who primarily filled out the lower portions of the cards in 1967.