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Tri-State Wrestling August 1978 - Episode on WWE Network

With the surprise addition last week of a McGuirk TV show from August 1978 to the (award-winning) WWE Network, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the territory during the time frame of the episode. ----- Let's start with the date. The WWE Network lists the date of the episode as August 12th, 1978. This would have been a Saturday. It's unclear if they are referring to the date the episode was taped or when it aired. And if it was the air date, what city it aired in would be important information. At the time, McGuirk's TV was on a "bicycle"; it aired in different cities at different times, sometimes several weeks apart. According to user JonBek2 of the Kayfabe Memories message forum, this episode was taped at KTBS TV Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana. He says that the TV tapings in Shreveport at this time were done either Wednesday nights or Saturday mornings. Looking at my records, the weekly Shreveport house shows were on Tuesday nights for

Tri-State Wrestling 1966 - Feuds

This week we are going to take a look at the most frequently occurring matchups (I hesitate to call them "feuds" because while many of them were feuds, some appear to be just a series of matches between opponents) in the McGuirk territory in 1966. What were the matchups, over how long a period of time did they occur, which towns did they occur in, and what stipulation matches were used?

Tri-State Wrestling 1966 - Ranking the Towns

This week I will look at all the various weekly towns McGuirk ran in 1966 and attempt to "rank" them. Are there A towns and B towns, or is it more nuanced than that?