Tri-State Wrestling 1966 - Lower Card

Here's a look at the wrestlers that filled out the lower portion of the cards in Tri-State in 1966.

Bronco Kelly - Bronco, also known as Red Kelly, came here at the beginning of October for what appears to be his only run in this territory. I don't have any info on his whereabouts earlier in the year. After his brief stay here, he went to work for Gulas.

Pancho Rosario - Also known as Gypsy Joe Rosario (among other names), this was his first run here, though he would come back several times in the late 60s and early 70s. He came from Florida, and after several weeks here went to wrestle for Gulas.

Roberto Pico - Pico also wrestled as Bobby Lane and Pancho Villa. He came here in June from Gulf Coast. After leaving here in October, his name shows up sporadically in a couple of places before returning in January 67.

Tom Bradley - As mentioned in the "Mid-Card" section, Bradley also wrestled as the Mighty Bolo here during this run. He came in the summer from Florida, and returned there at the end of the year after his run here.

Torbellino Blanco - Blanco came in from East Texas in February. I don't have any info on his whereabouts the rest of 1996 save for a coupe of possible appearances in Germany in October.

Nick Adams - Adams came here as a rookie in October from East Texas. He left in December and may have worked briefly for the AWA before going to Arizona in early 1967.

Tony Manos - Aside from his run here the last five months of the year, I don't have any info on Manos' whereabouts the rest of 1966.

Ray Gordon - Gordon had two separate runs here during the year. He came in as a babyface in January. It looks like he left briefly in April and went to East Texas before coming back here, then left in mid-May and went to Arizona. He stayed there for several months before returning here in October, this time as a heel. He left at the end of the year and went to work for Gulas.

Eddie Sullivan - has two separate wrestlers using this name. This Sullivan was working in Arizona as Tito Montez before coming here in October.

Bruce Kirk - Kirk, who is probably better known by his later ring name of Frank Monte, came here at the beginning of the year from East Texas. He stayed a few months before going to Southern California.

Johnny Zenda - It looks like Zenda had a very brief career in the mid-60s. He had been wrestling sporadically in the AWA as Johnny Zandejas before coming here in October. He left in December and had a brief stay in Amarillo before going to Northern California.

Bobby Christy - Christy was here for a couple of months beginning in March, then it looks like he went to Southern California to team with his brother Jerry as the masked Vigilantes.

Boris Managoff - I have no other information on this wrestler besides knowing he was here for a two month stint early in the year.

Freddie Baron - Baron came here from Northern California in April. After leaving in September, he next shows up for All-Star in Vancouver the following January.

Pepi Gomez - Gomez came here in May from East Texas. After leaving in August, his name doesn't show up anywhere until a year later in Arizona.

Kenny Mack - Mack came here in September from Georgia. He stayed a little over a month before going to Mid-Atlantic.


In the next post, we'll look at other wrestlers with bookings in the territory during the year.

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